Our story

Uprising began as our family's way of helping vulnerable children living on the streets of Uganda to rise above poverty. We believe that if children are given the opportunity to fulfill their potential, they will change the world. We are all born with unique gifts and when we discover our purpose in loving and blessing others, God's love shines through us and the world is forever changed. However, when a child is struggling without even their most basic needs met, they are unable to fulfill their unique calling and the whole world misses out on what could have been. We have experienced this through the lives of our own children and they have changed our perspective and priorities forever. 

Uprising is our way of putting our beliefs into action. Our mission is to offer stylish, inspiring apparel that shares a message of hope while helping to change the lives of children living in extreme poverty. Our purpose is to also instill in our own children, the belief that they can make a difference through compassion and creativity. With hope and love, they can rise up and change the world.

We are a small, family based company with products hand made to order so please allow approximately 10 working days for orders to be fulfilled. 100% of profits raised are invested in our work helping street children in Uganda. Check out our facebook and instagram to learn more about our projects and the children we are serving.