Their story

Uprising is partnered with programs that have grown very close to our heart, through our  experience during our adventures in Ethiopia and Uganda. We have been blessed to witness the big difference that these small programs are making in the lives of vulnerable children through education, nutrition, and health care. Even more importantly, they are changing lives by showing children that while they may have been forgotten by the rest of the world, they are loved and deserving of a better future.

Uprising supports Saving Grace Ministries in Uganda, which is located in the slums of Kivulu outside of Kampala. The program is run by our partner in service, Sebufu David. Once a street child himself, he is now devoted to selflessly serving the children living on the streets, providing food, clothing, health care and education. Even more importantly, his ministry is teaching these children that no matter how the rest of the world sees them, they are cherished and loved by their creator. We are working to reunite children with their families whenever possible and we have recently opened a home for those children that have no family to return to.

In addition, we are helping vulnerable children to rise up out of poverty in Uganda in an effort to prevent more from ending up on the streets. Specifically, we are beginning with the transformation of the village of Kankoole, through education and care of the children and work initiatives for the parents. Our hope is to keep struggling families together. We are excited to see the impact that the program may have on changing the future of the entire community. 

In addition to these programs, Uprising is also providing educational scholarships to students who are pursuing a future in working with vulnerable children with the belief that this type of investment will have the greatest impact on the future of many. 

We are just beginning this story and we hope you will join us on this adventure to change the world. Stay tuned to our facebook page for updates and pictures from the projects you are supporting through your Uprising purchase.